Curriculum & Teaching


To address the development needs of young children, our curriculum aims to help our students achieve five key developmental objectives: Physical Development, Cognitive and Language Development, Affective and Social Development, Aesthetic Development, and Moral Development. Through our classroom learning activities and extra-curricular activities, we nurture our students’ lifelong and self-directed learning capabilities, to in turn foster their holistic development.


Our teachers adopt diverse teaching methods such as teaching with picture books, the project approach, and the activity approach. This allows our students to learn in an inspiring and stimulating environment. Our teachers also utilise ICT (information & communications technology) tools to further enhance the learning effectiveness of our classes.

Environmental Facilities

The school has applied for funding from the Environment and Conservation Fund in 2016, for the installation of Grade 1 air conditioners. Currently, these units are still functioning well and serving us in the singalong room, Classroom 2, and Classroom 5.

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